Thursday, May 14, 2015

KW Fine Arts Festival

In the fall of this past year (2014), Caleb, Seth, and I performed for our county's talent show (King William's Got Talent).  I sang an original song of mine (Thanksgiving to You), Caleb & I sang a duet (Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning), and Seth played his bagpipes! :)  As a side note, the picture of my performance ended up being in the King William Local Newspaper!  

Then, a couple months ago, Ms. Mills (the lady who helped organize the talent show), called me about me and/or some of my family performing for another event they had coming up.  The King William Fine Arts Festival!  She said they were calling back some of the performers from the talent show that they wanted to spotlight again at this event.  As you know, I've been crazy busy, but I was insane enough to say "YES" to this opportunity!  Practice makes perfect, so getting on the stage and performing in front of crowds is a wonderful opportunity for me to work on my stage presence for SHINE. 

The event was held at our local high school.  There were pieces of art all over the building that people were walking around viewing.  We performed in the cafeteria so people could have some entertainment with their (not so) fine dining. ;) 

I ended up playing some fiddle tunes (solo and also doing a duet with Seth on his small-pipes), singing 2 duets with mom (who is an amazing singer!), and singing "Fly" by Maddie and Tae (accompanying myself on the guitar).  I brought my keyboard as well, but it wasn't working so I wasn't able to use it.  Seth played some songs on his small pipes (with and without me).  All in all, it went very well. :)

Seth on his small-pipes
Fiddling away!

Mom and I singing one of our duets

Me singing "Fly"

After I sang, a little girl and her mom came up to me with some kind words.  I asked the girl if she liked singing as well, to which she replied, "Yes."  "What's your favorite song," I inquired?  She couldn't remember so her mom told me that she really liked singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."  The little girl nodded emphatically to this. The conversation ended with some thank you's and such and her mom turned to go back to her seat.  As I started going back up on stage I looked behind me to see the little girl following me up.  Before I realized what was happening, she grabbed the mic and said, "This is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and proceeded to sing it!

The sound guy came up as this was transpiring to ask me what I was doing next and when the girl grabbed the mic and started singing he looked from me to the girl with a confused and surprised look on his face.  He stuttered something like, "Wait, what? Oh, uh...Ok...I guess....uh.." It was quite amusing. I was probably just as surprised as he was to be honest!  I looked back and forth between him and the girl shrugging my shoulders and gesturing that I had no idea what was happening while saying, "I have nothing to do with this." ;)  No harm was done and fun memories were made. :)  It was just cute. 

So ended mom, Seth, and my performance at the King William Fine Art's Festival! :)  They had given us an hour's block of time to work with and thankfully we filled it up quite well.

Have a blessed week everyone!

~Alexis Noel